Follow-up of Open Letter to Abrams

To all the people in the community who supported and signed our Open Letter,

Thank you! Though it was an upsetting issue that brought us together, it was inspiring to see the community rally so quickly and in such great numbers (over 1000!) to speak up against a book that could have done great harm to a marginalized group. The fight for authentic diversity has been an uphill battle and unfortunately we still have to speak up against continued harmful stereotypes and appropriation that reinforce the oppressive status quo. It’s a nuanced conversation and over 1000+ voices spoke up in the last 48 hours to say that we don’t approve of such a harmful, Islamophobic book.

Our original intention was to send the letter as an email with all the signatures directly to Abrams Books, but as they have heard us and responded by pulling the book we will no longer be doing so. We still believe Abrams has far to go in addressing the internal processes that allowed such a book to be greenlit. We hope they’ll somehow show the public that they are working to be better (for example a public pledge to have more inclusive hiring practices) so such problematic stories can be flagged before they cause harm to the community. Our open letter will still be up on with all the signatures.

Open Letter to Abrams

Dear Abrams,

As authors, illustrators, readers, teachers and publishing professionals we believe books can change lives. We believe in the importance of literacy. And we understand, deeply, the power of story. But we also know the irreparable harm that can be done when a book is littered with damaging stereotypes and falsehoods, rooted in bigotry and racism. It is out of this belief that found ourselves deeply disturbed by tweets from Abrams Kids promoting a “sneak peek” of A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library, a graphic novel by Jack Gantos and Dave McKean.

This book depicts an illiterate child suicide bomber, apparently of vague Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, who is deterred from his terrorist “mission” when he sees other children reading in the library. According to text on the back of the book, the young suicide bomber has an “unquestionable duty to his beliefs”— as if it is his faith that compels him to be a terrorist, as if he must act in opposition to his faith to show humanity. The premise alone is steeped in Islamophobia and profound ignorance.

Further, though the text refers to the characters as boys, the illustrations of brown-skinned individuals with receding hairlines and dark circles under their squinting, villainous eyes are dehumanizing and do not seem in any way child-like. Is this how Abrams believes Muslim/Middle Eastern/Arab/Pakistani children should see themselves? Or, adults for that matter? Is this the mirror you hold up to them? Is this the window that you think creates empathy?

It appears that the short story that inspired this graphic novel came from, ostensibly, a countering violent extremism (CVE) anthology. CVE is acknowledged within affected communities as being ineffectual, at best—you can’t simply counter extremism with graphic novels or books. Illiteracy, alone, is not what leads to violence, the roots lie much deeper than that and touch on geo-politics, socio-economics, colonialism, and the reckless bombing of nations without regard to the actual human beings living there. The gross oversimplifications in the description and the sneak peek of this graphic novel are both wrongheaded and reckless.

The simple fact is that today, the biggest terrorist threat in the United States is white supremacy. In publishing A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library, Abrams is willfully fear-mongering and spreading harmful stereotypes in a failed attempt to show the power of story.


Ayesha A

Stephanie A.

Julie Abe

Tracy Abell

Tracy Abell

Whitley Abell

Sarah Abušarar

Kristy Acevedo

Aaron Aceves

April Addarat

Mariam Addarrat

Shweta Adhyam

Dahlia Adler

Salma Agha

Krista Ahlberg

Samira Ahmed

Tanzila Ahmed

Mary Ajmera

Rachel Akemon

Helena Akerlund

Sarah Albee

Becky Albertalli

Kimberly Alberts

Jennifer Alevy

Janelle Alexander

Sara Alfageeh

Dana Alhaffar

Salima Alikhan

Mariama Alizor

Hanna Alkaf

Treya Allen

Ami Allen-Vath

Asma Alsalameh

Sarah Alsaraf

Husain Alzeera

Allison Ameduri

Sundas Amer

Anita Amin

Aliya Amin

Abdirahman Amir

Isabella Amparan

Eva Anderson

Lily Anderson

Steven Andrews

Janella Angeles

Mariam Ansar

Jordan April

Luka Arden

Nicole Aronis

Sarah Aronson

Eric Arroyo

Claudie Arseneault

Jane Arthur

Mary Ashcliffe

Juwairiyya Asmal-Lee

Kristine Asselin

Laura Atkins

Megan Atwood

Farzanah Ausaluth

Jennifer Austin

Heidi Ayarbe

Ann-Marie Aymer

Nafiza Azad

Julie Azzam


Jill Baguchinsky

Varsha Bajaj

Jennifer Baker

Kim Baker

Cindy Baldwin

Gabrielle Balkan

Alyson Banda (Collection Development Librarian)

Veronica Bane

Karen Bao

mina baptista

Tracey Baptiste

Sara Barber

Beth Barnett

Jade Barr

YL Barrett

Rena Barrron

Kate Bartlein

Veronica Bartles

Chelsea Bashore

Chelsea Beam

Melinda Beatty

Magdalena Bednarska

Yusrah Begum

Juliet Clare Bell

Daphne Benedis-Grab

Brooks Benjamin

Amber Bennett

Kazia Berkley-Cramer

Ariel Bernstein

Lauren Berrong

Jaime Berry

Nina Berry

Amelinda Berube

Bronté Bettencourt

Rosheen Birdie

Jenn Bishop

Rachel Bitter

Robert Bittner

Cheryl Blackford

Casey Blair

Jennifer Blair

Tracey Bleakley

Gail Bloom

Meg Bloom

Sam Bloom

Sheena Boekweg

Martha Boksenbaum

Sophie Bonifaz

Naomi Bosch

Bo Botkin

Aaron Bourque

H.M. Bouwman

H.M. Bouwman

H.M. Bouwman

Marli Boyd

Joanna Bradshaw

Jeff Brady

Rebekkah Brainerd

Carmen Brennan

Jenny Brewer

Deborah Bright

Nicole Brinkley

Martha Brockenbrough

Rebecca Brooks

amira brown

Soraya Brown

Susan Brownrigg

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Allie Jane Bruce

Sya Bruce

Crystal Brunelle

kira Budge

Patti Buff

Stephanie Burgis

JoAnn Burke

Kimberly Burke

Lauren Burrow

Jake Burt

Alena C

Joelle C

Ramnele Cala

Cit Callahan

Dylan Calvert

Bill Cameron

Katie Camp

Alyx Campbell

Cathy Camper

Jess Capelle

Ann Carboneau

Sara Card

Annie Cardi

Alyssa Carlier

Betsy Carpenter

Kristen Carter

Carlo Castillo

J.C. Cervantes

Sarwat Chadda

Nidhi Chanani

Julie Chandler

Sona Charaipotra

Maya Chawla

Peg Cheng

LeeAnn Chew

Hayley Chewins

Victoria Chiu

Kat Cho

Kelsey Choo

Faiza Chowdhury

Alyssa Chrisman

Ashley Chu

Eliza Chung

Olivia Cieri

Asia Citro

Emma Clamp

Alex Clay

Dhonielle Clayton

Carey Clifford

Lyndall Clipstone

Kaedan Clockwork

Anna Coats

Lucy Coats

Rebecca Coffindaffer

Kathryn Cole

Olivia Cole

Emma Coleman

Ailynn Collins

Anastasia Collins

Dana Collins

Matt Colours

Ruth Compton

Denise Conejo

Melanie conklin

Morgan Conley

Kennedy Conway

Amelia Coombs

Melinda R. Cordell

Zoraida Cordova

Janeth Cornejo

Jessica Corra

Jalissa Corrie

Jennifer Coryell

Kess Costales

Jo Cotterill

Nadine Courtney

Greg Craill

Jess Creaden

Susan Crean

Jesus Crespo

Megan Crewe

Leah Crichton

Dani Crickman

Harley Crites

Emily Croteau

Erika Cruz

Leanna Cruz

Carla Cullen

Shannon Cullen

Mike Curato

Sarah Dahlen

Tara Dairman

Genissa Daly

Louisa Danquah

Julie Dao

Elayna Darcy

Jean Darnell

Sayantani DasGupta

A M Dassu

Lea Davenport

Kyra Davies

Jessie Davis

Mandy Davis

Natalie Davis

Keila Dawson

Anisha DCosta

Esther De Dauw

Trisha de Guzman

Caitlin Deckard

Megan DeJarnett

Laura Delgado

Rosalyn DeMattia

Fallon DeMornay

Amy Dendinger

Rose Margaret Deniz

Megan Dere

Molly Dettmann

Amber Deutsch

Stephanie Diaz

Andrea Dictor

Sasha Dillman

Margaret Dilloway

Lindsay DiMaggio

Molly Dineen

Erin Dionne

Erin Dionne

Connie Dodes

Bonnie Doerr

Michella Domenici

Rebecca Donnelly

Elizabeth Dorathy

Lauren Dostal

Alechia Dow

Brittany Drehobl

Megan Drozd

Meghan Drummond

Ansar Dualeh

Kellie DuBay Gillis (parent, school board member, children’s literature writer and reader)

Catherine Dudley

Jennifer Duff

Rachel Dukes

Alexandra Duncan

Quinn Dunham

Nicole Duran-White

Sara DuVall

Bridgette Dziedzic

Tricia Ebarvia

Cory Eckert

Katrina Eddy

Bethany Edwards

Jen Edwards

Rebecca Ehling

Lauren Eldridge

Lyndsay Ely

Julia Ember

M.K. England

Nancy Engle

Patricia Everett

Rosalyn Eves

Deva Fagan

Megan Fair

Susanne Fairfax

Jehan A Faisal

Mary Fan

Emily Fardoux

Cassandra Farrin

Saadia Faruqi

Megan Favre

Emily Feldman

Jenny Ferguson

Natalie Ferguson

Vi Figueroa

Scott Fillner

Fred Flintstone

Debbi Michiko Florence

Francesca Flores

Christine Foligno

Carly Ford

Kate Fornoff

Meredith Fortner

Toni Fossum

Janet Foxley

Cass Frances

Linda Frankel

Averill Elisa Frankes

Sara Freund

Michele Fry

Rachel Fryd

Lexie Fuell

Jay Fung

Jordan Funke

Helen Furtan

Brigid Gaffikin

Alejandria Galarza

Anna Galbraith

Donna Gall

Elisa Gall

Emily Gallagher

Jason Gallaher

Mayalisa Garbanzo

Aida Garcia

Alejandra Garcia

Rebecca Garcia

Kati Gardner

Camryn Garrett

Rodrigo Gaspar-Barajas

A.V. Geiger

Alissa imre Geis

Mary Gensel

Sarah George

Jill Gerber

Jaime Gerding

Sherry Gick

Joamette Gil

Annette Gilbert

Stephanie Gildart

Melanie Gillman

Peter Gilmartin

Elena Gleason

Allison Gleichman

Sarah Goblot

Barbara Gogan

Tracy Gold

Emily Goldman

Rachel Goldstein

Stephanie Gomes

Jimmy Gonzalez

Maddi Gonzalez

Jessica Goodsell

Elizabeth Goodspeed

Kaitlyn Goodwin

Richenda Gould

Markelle Grabo

Adalyn Grace

Luke Gracia

Susan Graham

Alex Graudins

Miranda Gray

Margaret Greanias

Carrie Green

Elena Greer

I.W. Gregorio

Jani Grey

Nikki Grimes

Jennifer Groff

Sarah Grosd

Stephanie Guerdan

Tanya Guerrero

Shelley H

Semya Hakim

Alice Hakvaag

Catherine Hall

Jessie Hall

Mollie Hall

Sephy Hallow

Sarah Hamburg

Leslie Hamel

Alexa Hamilton

Halima Hanif

Liv Hanson

Yusra Haque

Jasper Hardin

Jennifer Harmon


Chaz Harris

Cate Hart

Sonia Hartl

Rachel Hartman

Asad Hashmi

Neda Hashmi

Pernia Hassan

Jessica Haugo

Mike Hays

Hannah Hecht

Julie Hedlund

Derek Heid

Heidi Heilig

Jenell Heimbach

Jillian Heise

Der-shing Helmer

Jessica Henninger

Kary Henry

Conner Herbison

Christine Herman

Janie Hermann

Christina Hernandez

Farah Heron

Luz Herrera

Robin Herrera

Pamela Herron

Tyler Ashley Hetland

Joy Hicks

Carter Higgins

Eva-Lani High

Margari Hill

Rob Hillhouse

Olivia Hinebaugh

Veera Hiranandani

Janice Hironaka

Julienne Ho

Stacey Hockett Sherlock

Caitlin Hoffer

Amy Holcomb

Tracy Holczer

Katelyn Holloway

Sarah Hollowell

Alice Holmes

Kari Anne Holt

Diane Homan

Sophia Hope

Patrick Hopkins

Kate Horan

Karen Horvath

Safiyya Hosein

Maria Hossain

Stephanie Hovden

Marci Hoyt

Betina Hsieh

Annie Huang

Heather Hufford

Teresa Hughes

Bev Humphrey

Alex Hunt

Julie Hunter

Priya Huq

Ellie Hurley

Eva I.

Djaz Idakaar

Nosaremen Ighodalo

Jennifer Indeliclae

Lilly Irani

Meredith Ireland

Angela Isaacs

Katie Ishizuka

Farhiya Ismail

Julie Israel

William Iverson

Kosoko Jackson

Samantha Jackson

Julie Jaeger

Adiba Jaigirdar

Mahak Jain

Natalie Jarosz

Nadia Jaser-Cendejas

Julie Jee

Melissa Jennings

Laura Jensen

Karen Jeremiah

Tiffany Jewell

Laura Jimenez

Bridgette Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Mary Johnson

Andrea Johnston

Keren Joshi

Arielle Jovellanos

Amanda Joy

Christina June

Amanda Jung

Mike Jung

Natalie K

Cassandra Kaczocha

Rachel Kaiser

Aneeka Kalia

Jessica Kamphaus

Georgina Kamsika

Lydia Kang

Sarah Kapit

Maxine Kaplan

Jena Karam

Lisa Katzenberger

Jacob Kawelo

Bridget Keehan

Elizabeth Keenan

Kim Keith

Supriya Kelkar

Brian Kelley

Lynne Kelly

Brian Kennedy

Marti Kennedy

Tara Kennedy

Sarah Kettles

Noura Khalid

Misty Khalique

Erum Khan

Sabina Khan

Shazleen Khan

Shehnaz Khan

Zainab Khan

Darshana Khiani

Adib Khorram

Eugenia Kim

Eunice Kim

Jung Kim

Melanie Kim

Christopher King

Erin King

Kelly Klose

Cat Knarr

Amitha Knight

Laura Knight

Jo Knowles

Katie Knutson

Gaby Koenig

Jamie Kollar

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Lisa Kramer

Eleanor Kriseman

Uma Krishnaswami

Kristan Krout

Raiden Kubiak

Bianca Kurtyak

Julie L’Abbe

Amber Labelle

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Alanna Lafferty

Remy Lai

Jackie Lama

Jackie Lamoureux

Mary Landrum

Katherine Langrish

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Rachel Lara

Kara LaReau

Rajani LaRocca

Jeanette Larson

Elizabeth Lauderdale

Melissa Lavoy

Jennie Law

AnaLisa Lawhon

Patrice Lawrence

Tricia Lawrence

Holly Lawson

Minh Lê

Stephanie Ledyard

Christina Lee

Emma Lee

Lori Lee

Lyla Lee

Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Stacey Lee

Susan Lee

Ying Lee

Chris Lehman

Ruth Lehrer

Margaret Lemelin

Ilsen Leon

April Lesher

Sarah Lester

Julie Leung

Sharon Levin

Amy Levine

Kristen Levine

Dana Alison Levy

Alice Meichi Li

Avery Li

Mina Li

Jennifer Libert

Amanda Lieber

Ana Liew

Farhana Lilly

Amanda Lillywhite

Lauren Lim

Shereen Lim

Grace Lin

Judy Lin

Ken Lindblom

Nina Lindsay

Linda Linson

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Malinda Lo

Sarah Loch

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Lindsay Maruska

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Rabia Mattu

Marty Mayberry

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Jon Mayhew

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Joy McCullough

Rhys McGovern

Kathleen McGrath

Kristin McIlhagga

PJ McIlvaine

Rachel McInnes

Sierra McKenzie

L.L. McKinney

Destiny McLurkin

Rebecca McNair

Gretchen McNeil

Mary Ann McSweeny

Amanda Meadows

Christie Megill

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Eriska Meiyanis

Dana Mele

Steve Mellen

Yamile Saied Mendez

Jean Mendoza

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Ruba Merza

Kate Messner

Lindsay H. Metcalf

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Robin Nelson

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Preethi Panathpur

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Thank you to the 1092 people who signed this open letter!

(For the source of some of our concerns stated in the letter go here.)

(Abrams response to the public criticism)