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2021 A3 Book Month Schedule

To celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we present AAPI Book Month! It is a month-long celebration of AAPI identities and cultures. AAPI authors and artists will come together for virtual panels and events throughout the month of May! Join us for discussions and celebrations of Asian and Pacific Islander identities and cultures! (All of our Livestreams will be hosted on our YouTube channel!)

2021 A3 Book Month Schedule


Date Time Event
April 30, Friday 8pm ET
(7pm CT / 5pm PT)

Black April – Refugee Stories from the Vietnam War (YouTube)

Amy Le,  Lea Tran and Kim Delevett

April 30, 1975 is known as Black April, the day Saigon fell and the Vietnam War ended. This year marks the 46th anniversary of the fall. Three authors of the Vietnamese diaspora share their stories of struggles and the effects of being a refugee post Vietnam War. (Link)

First Week:

Date Time Event
May 1, Saturday 1pm ET
(12pm CT / 10am PT)
Magic, Myth, and Middle Grade Books (YouTube Live)
Julie Abe, Katie Zhao, and Van Hoang Join authors Julie Abe (Eva Evergreen series), Katie Zhao (The Dragon Warrior & Winnie Zeng series), and Van Hoang (Girl Giant series) talk about how the myths and stories they heard as children influence their work now. (Link)
May 3, Monday 8pm ET
(7pm CT / 5pm PT)
AAPI YA Romance (YouTube Live)
IW Gregorio, Abigail Hing Wen, Misa Sugiura, Julie Abe, Diana Ma With love, lust and sex still taboo subjects for so many Asian Americans, how do YA authors balance and subvert the tropes and sterotypes of romance in the context of Asian American culture? Join a group of award-winning and bestselling authors as they discuss how they created layered love stories with complex, nuanced Asian characters. (Link)
May 7, Friday 8:30pm ET
(7:30pm CT / 5:30pm PT)
Reimagining favorite stories and Myths through YA fantasy (YouTube Live)
Kat Cho, Axie Oh, Akshaya Raman, June Tan, Janella Angeles, Swati Teerdhala Going from loving a story as a young fan to re-imagining it in your own creative world, these authors are taking tales and turning them on their heads in new ways through their stories. Join authors Kat Cho, Axie Oh, Akshaya Raman, June Tan, Janella Angeles, Swati Teerdhala as they discuss their young adult fantasies! (Link)
May 7, Friday 8pm ET
(7pm CT / 5pm PT)
Diversity in YA 10 Year Anniversary Discussion (Instagram Live)
Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon A decade ago, Cindy Pon and Malinda Lo launched Diversity in YA, a national book tour and website that celebrated diversity in young adult books. Today they look back on the ten-year anniversary of DiYA and talk about what’s changed and what hasn’t since 2011. (Link)

Second Week:

Date Time Event
May 8, Saturday 2pm ET (1pm CT/11am PT) Crazy Teen Asians: AsAm Mental Health Matters (YouTube Live)
IW Gregorio, Kelly Loy Gilbert, Naomi Kanakia, Sona Charaipotra An incredible amount of stigma still surrounds mental health within the Asian American community. How can we use our art to stimulate dialogue, promote healing and give examples of Asian youth who struggle with but overcome anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses? (Link)
May 14, Friday 6pm ET (5pm CT/3pm PT) “Not Your Model Minority”: Debunking Stereotypes in Asian American YA (YouTube)
Nandini Bajpai, Lyla Lee, Katie Zhao, Misa Sugiura, and Sabina Khan The “Model Minority” Myth is a harmful and antiquated idea that is perpetuated by white supremacy and is central to some of the anti-asian attacks happening today. Join authors Nandini Bajpai (A MATCH MADE IN MEHENDI, SISTER OF THE BOLLYWOOD BRIDE); Lyla Lee (I’LL BE THE ONE); Katie Zhao (HOW WE FALL APART); Misa Sugiura (LOVE & OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS, THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT); and Sabina Khan (THE LOVE AND LIES OF RUKHSANA ALI, ZARA HOSSAIN IS HERE) as they talk about debunking stereotypes in their YA fiction. (Link)
May 14, Friday 9pm ET (8PM CT / 6PM PT) “Kumain ka na ba?” Filipino Food is Love, Family, and Home (YouTube Live)
Gail D. Villanueva, Roselle Lim, Mia P. Manansala, Marie Miranda Cruz, Tiff Marcelo, K.S. Villoso For a lot of Filipinos in diaspora and the motherland, food is love. Food is family, food is home. Join Filipino authors, Gail D. Villanueva (Sugar and Spite, My Fate According to the Butterfly), Roselle Lim (Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Teashop), Mia P. Manansala (Arsenic and Adobo), Marie Miranda Cruz (Everlasting Nora), Tiff Marcelo (In a Book Club Far Away, It Takes Heart), and K.S. Villoso (Chronicles of the Wolf Queen series) as they discuss food as a love language and a cultural identity in their stories. (Link)

Third Week:

Date Time Event
May 15, Saturday 2pm ET (1pm CT/11am PT) Fountain Pens, Notebooks, and Analog Writing Tools (Instagram Live)
Van Hoang and Aliette de Bodard Join authors Van Hoang and Aliette de Bodard as they geek out over their favorite fountain pens, notebooks, and analog writing tools! (Link)
May 17, Monday 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT) We Contain Multitudes: Supporting Diverse Diversity Within Asian American Voices (focus MG) (YouTube)
Debbi Michiko Florence, Christina Soontornvat, Andrea Wang, Veera Hiranandani, Mike Jung Join MG authors as they share their experiences growing up as Asian Americans and how their backgrounds influence the books they write. Discussion will center on the need for MANY Asian American penned novels to reflect the diversity of the Asian American experience. (Link)
May 22, Saturday  11am ET (10pm CT/8am PT) Joy and Hope in Middle Grade Contemporary (YouTube)
Lyla Lee, Jessica Kim, Mae Respicio Koerner, and Debbi Michiko Florence Moderator: Van Hoang In the face of recent events, it’s more important than ever to celebrate #asianjoy. Join authors Lyla Lee (the MINDY KIM series); Jessica Kim (STAND UP, YUMI CHUNG!); Mae Respicio (ANY DAY WITH YOU); and Debbi Michiko Florence (JASMINE TOGUCHI, KEEP IT TOGETHER, KEIKO CARTER) as they talk about their middle grade contemporary books about Asian American kids having fun and following their dreams. (Link)
May 22, Saturday 12pm ET (11am CT/9am PT) Story Time with Asian American Picture Books (YouTube)
Andrea Wang, Kristen Giang, Benson Shum, Wendy Wan-Long Shang, Gracey Zhang, and Mượn Thị Văn Entertain your little ones! Join six Asian American/Asian Canadian authors as they read their recent picture books: Andrea Wang (WATERCRESS), Kristen Giang (GINGER AND CHRYSANTHEMUM), Benson Shum (ALEX’S GOOD FORTUNE), Wendy Wan-Long Shang (THE RICE IN THE POT GOES ROUND AND ROUND), Gracey Zhang (LALA’S WORDS), and Mượn Thị Văn (WISHES). (Link)***Video will be Live for a LIMITED TIME between May 22 – 23, 2021!***
May 22, Saturday 2pm ET (1pm CT/11am PT) Furry, Scaley, and Feathered Friends: Writing Companions And Inspirations (YouTube Live)
Gail D. Villanueva, A.Y. Chao, Lydia Kang, Mae Respicio, Tracy Badua, Sangu Mandanna Join Gail D. Villanueva (Sugar And Spite), A.Y. Chao (Soul Affinity), Lydia Kang (Patient Zero, Opium And Absinthe), Mae Respicio (How to Win a Slime War, Any Day with You), Tracy Badua (Freddie vs. the Family Curse), and Sangu Mandanna (Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom, The Celestial series) in a fun-filled conversation about their writing companions and inspirations—their adorable, beloved pets. This event is open to every member of the family, human and animal alike! (Link)
May 22, Saturday 4pm ET (3pm CT/1pmPT) Beyond Fractions: Writing and Living the Mixed Race AAPI Experience (YouTube Live)
Sarah Kuhn, Karuna Riazi, Heidi Heilig, Rebecca Kuss, Keala Kendall, Pearl Low The mixed race experience is vast and varied — but too often, mixed race people are reduced to fractions, puzzles, or tragic cyphers. Join a dynamic group of mixed race AAPI creators as they move beyond stereotypes to discuss the nuances and complexities of identity and creativity through the mixed race lens. (Link)

Fourth Week:

Date Time Event
May 24, Monday 6pm ET (5pm CT/3pm PT) A Discussion with Asian Publishing Professionals (YouTube LIVE)
Jenny Bak, Rebecca Kuss, Deeba Zargarpur, Saba Sulaiman, Moderator: Linda Sue Park Asian agents, editors, and marketing folks, discussing the placement and sales of Asian-created stories (Link)
May 24, Monday 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT) The Challenges of Writing about Racism in Kidlit (Youtube)
Nancy Ohlin, Misa Sugiura, Joanna Ho, Moderator: Mary Choy The recent spike in anti-Asian violence has surprised many people, in part because of the misperception that Asians are relatively “safe” from systemic racism. Do our books, even when addressing racism as authentically and honestly as possible, contribute to this misperception? Should we be writing more (and more hard-hitting) books that focus on anti-Asian racism? And how do we successfully incorporate anti-Asian racism as subplot and subtext in romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and other genres? Please join Joanna Ho (EYES THAT KISS IN THE CORNERS), Nancy Ohlin (B*WITCH; WITCH RISING), Misa Sugiura (THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT; LOVE & OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS) and moderator Mary Choy (HEALTHCARE HEROES) for a fascinating discussion on the challenges of writing about racism as Asians in kidlit. (Link)
May 25, Tuesday 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT) Weaving Culture in Stories with Nafiza and Gail (Instagram LIVE)
Nafiza Azad &Gail D. Villanueva Join Nafiza Azad (The Wild Ones, The Candle and the Flame) and Gail D. Villanueva (Sugar And Spite, My Fate According to the Butterfly) on Instagram Live as they talk about how they weave elements of their culture into their stories, and how a collective and community identity sometimes trumps individual identity in the shape their protagonists take.(Link)
May 27, Thursday 6pm ET (5pm CT/3pm PT) Books and Tea with Julie and Samira (Instagram LIVE)
Julie C Dao & Samira AhmedJoin Julie and Samira for a fun hour of book recs and tea on Instagram Live! (Link)
May 28, Friday 2pm ET (1pm CT/11am PT) It’s All History (Youtube)

Kathleen Burkinshaw, Stacey Lee, Makiia Lucier, Amy M. Le, Padma Venkatraman, Kylie Lee Baker, Moderator: IW Gregorio

A panel of authors who use historical settings in their novels. The research that goes into it, the creativity involved in filling in the gaps, and how they bring it all to life on the page. (Link)

May 28, Friday 7pm ET (6pm CT/4pm PT) K-pop in YA panel (Youtube LIVE)

Kat Cho, Axie Oh, Lyla Lee, Stephan Lee, Maurene Goo

A BTS look at the Blood, Sweat, and Tears that goes into creating the DNA of a K-Pop Young Adult book. From the bright lights of the stage to the sweet bloom of first love, these authors write it all amid the backdrop of the Hallyu wave.  (Link)

May 29, Saturday 7pm ET (6pm CT/ 4pm PT) Writing LGBTQ+ Asian Characters and Experiences (Youtube)

CB Lee, Adiba Jaigirdar, Lyla Lee, Misa Sugiura, Sabina Khan

It’s not yet Pride Month but it’s never too early to celebrate LGBTQIA+ representation, especially when it comes to queer rep in Asian YA. Join authors CB Lee (NOT YOUR SIDEKICK); Adiba Jaigirdar (THE HENNA WARS, HANI AND ISHU’S GUIDE TO FAKE DATING), Lyla Lee (I’LL BE THE ONE); Sabina Khan (THE LOVE AND LIES OF RUKHSANA ALI, ZARA HOSSAIN IS HERE); and Misa Sugiura (THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT; LOVE & OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS) as they discuss the intersectionality between #asianjoy and #Pride. (Link)

May 29, Saturday 8pm ET (7pm CT/5pm PT)  Upcoming 2021 Debut Authors (Youtube)

Kylie Lee Baker, Alice Yu, June CL Tan, Diana Ma, Eric Nguyen; Moderator: Van Hoang

Debut authors Kylie Lee Baker (Keeper of Night), A.Y. Chao (Soul Affinity), June CL Tan (Jade Fire Gold), Diana Ma (Heiress Apparently), and Eric Nguyen (Things We Lost to the Water) talk about their upcoming books! (Link)