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Dorothy Dreyer
Dorothy Dreyer

Dorothy Dreyer is a Philippine-born American living in Germany with her husband, her two college kids, and two Siberian Huskies. She is an award-winning, USA Today Bestselling Author of young adult and new adult books that usually have some element of magic or the supernatural in them. Aside from reading, she enjoys movies, binge-watching series, chocolate, take-out, traveling, and having fun with friends and family. She tends to sing sometimes, too, so keep her away from your Karaoke bars.

Book Title(s):

Phoenix Descending (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2017)

Paragon Rising (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2018)

Cauldron of Ash (self-published, 2019)

Crimson Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2020)

Copper Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2020)

Golden Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2020)

Emerald Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2020)

Sapphire Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2020)

Amethyst Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2021)

Diamond Mage (Snowy Wings Publishing, 2021)

Christmas in Silverwood (Rosewind Books, 2021)

Award(s) and Accolade(s):

Two-time USA Today bestselling author

SOLO MEDALIST WINNER of the 2018 New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing in the Young Adult Fantasy category

Age Categories:
New Adult, Young Adult
Fantasy, Romance, Speculative, Thriller

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