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Ava Reiss
Ava Reiss

At an early age, Ava’s parents read her fables and myths from different cultures. Her imagination filled with the fantastical. The love of a good narrative rooted in deeper mysteries carried into her writings. Ava writes fantasy and science fiction, often with an existential twist. Through her stories, she’s constantly searching for something that lies beyond our earthly realm.

Ava is an illustrator too. During her grade school years, she recalls constantly bugging her artist uncle. She whined and begged him to illustrate for her little homemade books. Graciously, he conceded a few times–to which she was grateful. Eventually, Ava picked up a pencil and learned to draw herself.

Book Title(s):

Space Tigers (Space Tigers Publishing, 2018)

Cycles of the Lights: Fall of Ima (Space Tigers Publishing, 2018)

Ava’s Short Shorts (Space Tiger’s Publishing, 2019)

Cycles of the Lights: The Seed of Life (Space Tiger’s Publishing, 2021)

Jedrek’s Adventures, the Chiller (Space Tigers Publishing, 2017)

Age Categories:
Graphic Novel, New Adult, Picture Book, Young Adult
Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative, Thriller
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